Ice Tea Glasses - SAGA Blazons -Set/6 - La Rochere


Drawing inspiration from an original La Rochere 19th century design, each glass is embellished with a different pattern, giving the set a unique charm. Perfect for gatherings among friends, for a cocktail party, or outdoor drinks on a summer evening.Saga is an invitation to enjoy the best moments of life with a touch of French flair.

La Rochere has been producing artisanal glass in the heart of France for more than 500 years, making it the oldest continuously running glass factory in Europe.
The company is recognized around the world for designing and producing authentic, high quality glassware with French style for today’s modern home. Nestled in the forests of the Lorraine and Franche-Comté region of France, La Rochere produces all of its glassware in-house. Using a custom manufacturing process, La Rochere pieces are created with a two-part open mold, giving them the brand’s iconic seam. The result is superior quality glass, known for its exceptional clarity, brilliance, durability and authentic French style.

Set of 6

5" H/ 3.5 D/ 12.2 oz.

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

Avoid severe thermal shocks.

Made in France


La Rochere Glassware will ship within 7-10 days from our warehouse in the US.